Master Builder

By James Moore

Do you like Legos,  because they are awesome! Legos mean a lot to me and my family. Building new things is awesome but sometimes you can get stuck on what to build . So, here are some instructions on how to make something awesome.

First, you have to pick a Lego character.  When you pick a character it needs to have good colors. It can’t be colors that you don’t have or else the thing you build won’t match. It should match your character. After you choose your character and color you need to choose what to build. It helps if you picture them in a situation and choose what they would need. It could be a vehicle, a house, or anything. After that you start building. Try to be unique, you don’t want it to be super boring! Try using different pieces. Don’t just use square blocks! That’s boring! If you want to build more you can build some surroundings for whatever you built. When you put your mind to it you can build anything.

Rhyan Moore says, “IT’S AWESOME!”

Legos are a big deal to me and my family. In fact every year after thanksgiving my relative come over to help us build the Christmas village. You might be asking yourself, “What is the Christmas village?” It is a giant village made completely out of Legos. It is awesome! It takes up a lot of room. Last year it almost took over the kitchen. My mom was kind of mad! ;-)  All of my family really enjoys it. It brings us closer together.

My dad was the one who got us into Legos. It started when he was young. He really liked Legos. It was even better than G.I.Joes. His parents would even wake up to him early in the morning playing Legos. When he met my mom she didn’t know he liked Legos that much. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She eventually got into Legos herself but not as much as dad. When me and my sister were little he used to get Legos for ” us.” He knew we didn’t know how to build them ourselves so, he would “help” us. He was really getting them for himself though. A little while after that I got into them even more and started building them himself so he started having to get Legos for himself because I could build my own. All in all, Legos are a big tradition in my family.

“I love it,” says anonymous.

After reading all of that you probably think I’m a freak but, I’m not I’m just special!  ;-) All in all Legos are a big deal to me and my family and if you put your mind to it you can build anything.

A Master Builder

A Master Builder

Liberty Point International Celebrates Black History

The month of February honors the history of black Americans, particularly those who have made an impact on American history.  This month honors those who aided in the fight for freedom for all Americans, and it also celebrates those who taught our young people the benefits of hard work and/or standing up for what you believe in. We also salute those whose incredible talent deserves to be applauded.

The following blogs commend the heroes of some of the members of our journalism class.  Each hero had a unique impact on that particular journalism student, as you will see. Enjoy!

~ Ms. S

The Father of the Civil Rights Movement

Fredrick Douglass

By: Jisleine Mendoza

The month of February is thought to be the month of love because of Valentine’s Day. But really, that’s not the only historical thing about February, because February is also Black History Month. When people hear Black History, they think of Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, or Rosa Parks, but there are many more to take in consideration, like Fredrick Douglass.

Fredrick Douglass was born on February 14, 1818, in Talbot County, Maryland.  His mother was also a slave by the name of Harriet Bailey.  His father was said to be his master, who ended up dying.

As a slave, Fredrick Douglass was taught how to read and write, which is an unusual thing to learn as a slave. He viewed this as the key to freedom and started to make a lot of effort in order to receive that freedom. When he turned 20, he escaped slavery and moved to Massachusetts where he met his wife, Anna Murray Douglass.

Douglass then became the leading African-American voice of his time and was named “father of the civil rights movement” by multiple people.  He dedicated a majority of his life to receive justice from and for all Americans. He was a determined, brialliant man who wanted to transform America into a better county.

Fredrick Douglass didn’t only protest and lecture on issues of race, he was also protesting about the problems about gender. He didn’t approve on the idea that women weren’t allowed as many rights as men. He was always supportive about the movement for woman to be as equal as men.

Douglass made America a better country. Although there were other African-Americans who protested against slavery as well, Fredrick Douglass was obviously a great spark to the revolution that led American into a truly free country. Fredrick Douglas is a great example to black histroy month and I think we can all agree.

Fredrick Douglass shouldn’t just be thought as ‘another protesting slave’. He did more than just protest for slavery, as you have read.

“Fredrick Douglass definitely changed America!” said an anonymous resource.

As for my opinion, he was a very considerate man, and without him, America would have never been the equal country that it is today.


Cosby the Great

By James Moore

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Have you ever heard of Bill Cosby? Well, he is a funny man. He changed the course of comedy and TV in a huge way.

“Bill Cosby’s comedy has all ways been able to build me up and put me in a better mood,” Mrs. Stephens explained.

He was one of the first people to make family appropriate comedy and not be a one liner comedian. (One liner comedian means he tells funny stories instead of just delivering one-liners.) Cosby started out with small gigs in bars and clubs. Then he got bigger and better to the point of getting recording contracts and made it big.

While he was doing comedy, he was asked to play a main role it a TV show,” I Spy.” It was one of the first shows to have a black person as a main character. In the show he was considered the brains and was not funny. The show went on for three years. Later Bill Cosby founded the family friendly comedy, “The Cosby Show.” The show consisted of everyday problems most families faced between teaching to tying shoes and boyfriends and girlfriends. He wanted to show that black families can be educated and successful, which was different from how black families were portrayed on television up till that time.  That show aired eight years.

” The Cosby show was pretty righteous,”  explained Haven Snyder.

Bill Cosby also did commercials. He advertised for JELLO. Bill made you feel like JELLO was meant exactly for you. Mr. Cosby really enjoyed doing the commercials.

He has had a big impact on my life. My grandpa and I listen to some of Bill Cosby’s old standup comedy routines in my grandpa’s basement on a record player. Bill Cosby has brought me and my family closer together with his humor.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

By: Haven Blaize Snyder

Will Smith ran a successful life and career. This man had some great movies in his prime. One thing that most everyone knows him for is, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

“Men In Black is my favorite movie with Will Smith,” commented Evan Heart.

Mr.Smith during his life is in one great marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith. He also has three kids that have also become successful. His daughter, Willow Smith, is pursuing in the art of music. His youngest son Jaden, is trying to make a go of it in the acting world of show-biz.  Smiths older son, Trey, is 21 and still doing some work in acting.

“I like the Smith kids, they are very talented,” said Zach Thomas.

Willard is as of this day now the age of 45, the age of beloved Uncle Phil from the shooting of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Another interesting fact is that Will Smith has been in over 21 different movies, 1 very successful TV show, and has had hundreds of guest appearances in movies, shows, and reality TV.

“This man is very funny,” said a student source.

Whenever I see Will in a movie, especiall more dramatic ones, his acting is so superb that it makes me cry. I mean when he was shooting an episode of The Fresh Prince, his father was leaving again, and just the way he handled the situation on the show was amazing.

I hope that this is enough to get all you TV media fans interested in more of Will Smith.

“Now I think I’m going to watch a little more Will Smith from now on,” said a undefined source.


Gospel to Rock

By: Cianna Angel

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25, 1942, in Memphis, Tennessee. Her mother, Barbara Siggers Franklin,was a gospel singer and had 5 children. When Aretha was six, her parents split up. Four years later her mother passed away from a heart attack.Aretha’s talented showed at an early age. Most of her singing talent was self taught. At the age of 14 she recorded her earliest tracks at her church.

At the age of 15 she became a mother. She had her second child two years later. She then followed her heros into blues territory. In 1960 Franklin traveled to New York with her fathers blessing. After being courted by many labels she singed with Columbia records. Franklin by 1961 had 10 singles on top of the R&B charts. Franklin and her husband moved to Atlantic in 1967. Jerry Wexler immediately shuttled Franklin to the Florence Alabama Musical Emporium.  In the 70s she won consecutive Grammy awards for Best R&B Female Vocal Performance.

In 1968, Aretha was listed to preform at the funeral for Martin Luther King Jr. In 1972 she then again preformed at a funeral for Mahalia Jackson this time. From her friend passing away she got an interest in gospel music again and published the album amazing grace in 1972.

“She has an amazing voice,” said Micheal McPherson,

In 1986 Aretha Franklin was the first female to be put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also in 1994 she was honored  with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 2008 she received her 18th grammy award, and in 2009 she was tapped at the inauguration of president for Obama.

“She is amazing, and very inspiring,” Peyton Learnord told us.

Aretha Franklin has inspired me and shown me that you can really come form nothing to a hero for many. She went from a gospel singer to a famous R&B star.



Black History Month: A Woman Who Changed Hair History

By: Madison Montoyamadam

Not every month do we get to honor the African-American  women that changed our history, so (ladies especially)  please give a huge appreciative applause to Madam C.J. Walker! As the inventor of hair products for women, she was a very successful business woman.  Unfortunately, she didn’t start off on top but that never stopped her.

Like her parents, Madam C.J. Walker started off a slave. They worked on a cotton farm along the Mississippi River, and by age five she was picking cotton and washing clothes. At the age of seven she became an orphan, the disease yellow fever killed both of her parents. Mrs. Walker  then moved away and met her soon-to-be husband. They then had a child, Lelia, and two years later her husband died in an accident.

Alone with her baby, she needed to find work so she moved to Missouri. She worked washing clothes during the day and going school during the night. Thinking about the future for herself and Lelia, she decided to start her own business to make more money. The idea seemed so perfect, hair products! Since Mrs. Walker  had began to loose her hair, she tried to create a product to improve it.

Finally, she created the perfect  product. Her product made curly hair straight, but she didn’t want to launch her idea in competitive town like St. Louis.  So she packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado. Mrs. Walker found a job as  chef and sold her products from house to house. Here in Colorado she met her second husband Charles Walker and started a beauty school. She then traveled around the world to sell her products, and started her own production company.

Madam Walker gave jobs to many women and stared a new era of hair. Her success never changed her heart, she always donated money to people in need and always helped.  She died a successful yet generous women!


Singing With Heart, Voice, and Soul

By: Amanda Craig

April, 7, 1915 a future star singer was born in Philadelphia. Billie Holiday was considered the best jazz singer before her substance abuse got in her way.

Her mother had Holiday when she was only a teenager. Her father is unknown, but most people chose to believe it was Clarence Holiday, who eventually became a popular musician. Billie Holiday didn’t see much of her father. Her mother married, Philip Gough in 1920 and for awhile Billie had a stable life. Sadly, the marriage ended in only a few years. This caused struggle yet again in Billie’s life. Holiday found a solace in music.

Holiday followed her mom to New York City in the late 1920. She found work at a prostitution house for awhile. Finally around 193o, Holiday started preforming in small, local clubs and renamed herself Billie.

John Hammon found the 18 year old Billie Holiday when she was performing in a Harlem jazz club. Hammond didn’t hesitate in making her preform with other artist. Benny Goodman was one of those many performers who she worked with. Holiday sang vocals for several tracks with Goodman. Her fist commercial release was “Your Mother’s Son-In-Law”. In 1940 she got her first top ten hit, “Riffin’ The Scotch.

July 17th, 1959. In New York City the great singer, Billie Holiday, was announced dead. In early 1959 Holiday had cirrhosis of the liver. Holiday was ordered by her doctor to stopped drinking and she did, but relapsed soon afterward. She was soon taken to a hospital with a heart and liver disease. As Billie Holiday laid dying she was charged with possession of drugs. Police guarded her room  and she was under police guard until see died on the 17th.

Billie Holiday changed the way people would sing and the style of pitch playing. She is a very remembered singer to this day and always will be. Holiday was talented and beautiful.

The singer of 1915-1959

February = Black History Month

By: Perla Trevizo

A Black History Month Quote

Did you know that February is Black History Month? This month is set aside to celebrate African-Americans who made an impact on American history. Because of these risk takers the US had in the past, African-Americans deserve to be celebrated throughout this month.

Americans have recognized black history annually since 1926, first as “Negro History Week” and later as “Black History Month.”

Read more:  The History of Black History Month (Famous People, Women, Facts, Leaders, Events) |


We owe the celebration of Black History Month, and more importantly, the study of black history, to Dr. Carter G. Woodson. He was born in Kentucky and during his childhood he worked in coal mines. Carter enrolled himself in high school. and years after his studies he earned a PH.D. Dr. Carter was able to research about the black history and created this month to be a month of honor. Here are some things that Carter wrote in his Journal of Negro Week:

  • February 23, 1868: W. E. B. DuBois,  important civil rights leader and co-founder of the NAACP, was born.
  • February 3, 1870: The 15th  Amendment was passed, granting blacks the right to vote.
  • February 25, 1870: The first black U.S. senator, Hiram  R. Revels (1822-1901), took his oath of office.
  • February 12, 1909: The National  Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded by a group of concerned black and white  citizens in New York City.
  • February 1, 1960: In what would become a civil-rights  movement milestone, a group of black Greensboro, N.C., college students  began a sit-in at a segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter.
  • February 21, 1965: Malcolm X, the  militant leader who promoted Black Nationalism, was shot to death by three Black  Muslims.

Quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. himself.

Inventions are celebrated throughout this month. One of the inventions I love is peanut butter. George Washington Carver  was an American scientist, educator, humanitarian, and former slave. Carver developed hundreds of products from peanuts, sweet potatoes, pecans, and soybeans.His discoveries greatly improved the agricultural output and the health of Southern farmers. Before this, the only main crop in the South was cotton. The products that Carver invented included a rubber substitute, adhesives, food stuffs, dyes, pigments, and many other products. With Carver’s invention I’m able to  make myself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

Another invention I love eating is the potato chip. George Crum invented the potato chip in 1853.  He was a Native American/ African American chef at the Moon Lake Lodge resort in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. French fries were popular at the restaurant and one day a diner complained that the fries were too thick. Although Crum made a thinner batch, the customer was still unsatisfied. Crum finally made fries that were too thin to eat with a fork, hoping to annoy the extremely fussy customer. The customer, surprisingly enough, was happy – and potato chips were invented! Without potato chips I don’t know how the world would live.

Quotes from the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Woman also invented things just as much as men did. For example: Sarah E. Goode was a businesswoman and inventor. Goode invented the folding cabinet bed, a space-saver that folded up against the wall into a cabinet. When folded up, it could be used as a desk, complete with compartments for stationery and writing supplies. Goode owned a furniture store in Chicago, Illinois, and invented the bed for people living in small apartments. Goode’s patent was the first one obtained by an African-American woman inventor (patent #322,177, approved on July 14, 1885).

One of the most used inventions created by an African-American are beauty products and hair products. Miss Madam C. J. Walker  was an inventor, businesswoman and self-made millionaire. Sarah Breedlove and McWilliams C. J. Walker was an African-American who developed many beauty and hair care products that were extremely popular. Madam Walker started her cosmetics business in 1905. Her first product was a scalp treatment that used petrolatum and sulfur. She added Madam to her name and began selling her new “Walker System” door-to-door. Walker soon added new cosmetic products to her line. The products were very successful and she soon had many saleswomen, called “Walker Agents,” who sold her products door to door and to beauty salons.

In conclusion, all Americans should celebrate this special month to remember African-Americans who made an impact on our history.

War: How Far is Too Far?

By: Mikaylin Hackley

Original Article Below:

Around January 6, a 10 year old girl whoose identity is being keep secret was allegedly forced by her father and brother to wear a sucide vest with attached explosives.

Acording to, the girl was given the vest and taken for a walk by her brother and his friend. The girl stated that they reached a river but the water was too cold for her to cross. Her brother took her home where her father was waiting. He beat her for failing the mission. On Monday, she turned herself into the police.

“Children are the future-makers of the country. They should be taken care of, and education opportunities should be provided for them,” President of afganistan, Hamid Karzai stated. “They shouldn’t be used as a tool for suicide attacks.”

“That is completly unfair. That little girl didn’t get a choice. She shouldn’t be forced to do things like this.” An eigth grader commented.

Terrorism is a growing problem in just about every country. This story proves that things are getting out of hand.

E-cigs on the loose?!

By Jisleine Mendoza

Although e-cigarettes are getting popular, they’re also getting more harmful. They’re supposed to be safer and cleaner than regular cigarettes. Are they really safe though?

These devices are getting very dangerous for kids.  The Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center of Kosair Children’s Hospital, announced that 40 calls involving e-cigarette poisonings were made  in 2013, and there were 427 exposures in 2012 involving this incident. Kids are taking these e-cigs apart and drinking or licking the containers, which can give them a harmful or even deadly dose of nicotine.

E-Cigarettes are not supposed to be sold to anyone 18 or younger, but that doesn’t stop teens from smoking them. Where are the children and teens getting the e-cigs from anyway? Well, a seventh grader said that getting e-cigs can be pretty easy, ” If it’s the parents who have the e-cigs than it could be pretty easy to get ahold of them, so that’s why parents who smoke should take really good care of their kids.”

In my opinion, e-cigarettes are a better idea than regular ones. But that is no excuse to leaving them around for children to take and harm themselves with. Children have been getting harmed at great numbers and if we all just take some caution when smoking, then we could help save a lot of lives.

“Lone Survivor” Movie Theater Shooting

By: Madison Montoya

Previews before a movie is the time for buying snacks, getting seated, and turning off you phone, but Curtis Reeves feels differently about this. Tampa, Florida Monday January 13 a showing of  ”Lone Survivor” was about to start, and it just so happens Chad Oulsen and his wife, Nicole, went to the theater to watch it. They had left their three year old daughter at home with a babysitter until the movie was finished. Unfortunately, her father didn’t make it home.

Retired Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves  was also at the showing of “Lone Survivor” that exact Monday . During the previews Chad Oulsen was on his phone texting his daughter, after many complaints coming from Curtis Reeves, Chad preceded to keep texting. Reeve then walks out of the theater, supposedly trying to find an employee to stop Chad from interrupting the movie. Reeves comes back into the theater alone, and angry as ever! Enough complaints, Chad stood up and threw his bag of popcorn at Reeve. Reeve then preceded to pull out his gun and shot Chad.

Coincidently there was two nurses and an off-duty deputy sheriff in the theater. The sheriff then rushed over to Reeve to stop the chaos. The two nurses then gave CPR to Chad until authorities arrived. Chad didn’t survive and his wife suffered a minor injury to her hand. Reeve later claims that he had feared for his life, and was just protecting himself.Most people were surprised by Reeve’s actions.

“He must have just snapped,” said neighbor Joe D’ Andrea, he described him as a “stand-up” guy.

People such as Joe D’ Andrea and people who know him are amazed that he could have committed such a like that. But the world isn’t as safe as it was, people are different. My grievances go out to the family that lost a husband, a dad, and a friend.

and his family

Chad Oulsen and his wife and daughter.


Tying a Tie

By Ellen Beckwith

Today, my brother Josh taught me and my two sisters  how to tie a four hand knot on a tie. We spent twenty minutes learning how. Then, we decided to take some pictures of us all wearing our ties and looking professional.  The steps are very simple:

First, you put the wide end over the narrow, then wrap the wide around the narrow. After that you slide the wide end through the loop created from wrapping the wide around the narrow and pull the wide through the narrow. Then to tighten it you slide the knot up while you pull down the narrow strand on the tie. The steps are simple but for some reason I still haven’t been able to master the four hand knot. Try it for yourself and see if you can master the four hand knot.

The four of us doing a James Bond pose for the camera.

No Dream is to Big


By: Darby Hodge

We all have goals and things that we shoot for in life. Like, getting married, having your own car, etc. One of the biggest I things I think people look forward to is having the job they have always wanted. I have sometime to think about what I want to be when I grown up and I live on my own. At first I was all for the veterinary medicine. My mom got me hooked on it. She has been in the field for 22 years (not counting college). She would always take us to her clinic so we could explore and play with the animals. What made me change my mind was that people have snakes that are going to get sick too. I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing surgery on a snake. I also give up once i get bit or scratched. When I cut my cat’s nails they always tries to bite and scratch me. I try to tell them no, but they just doesn’t listen!!! I think my brother (Dirk) would be an awesome vet. He doesn’t really care if gets bit or scratched.

“When you trim their nails you got to let them bite you once. Then they realize that you don’t care so they let after they know your tough enough,” Dirk explained.

The next job that popped into my head was a Residential Interior Designer. I had the image in my head because a lady came to my 5th grade Career Fair, that was her job. She told us all about it. Almost step-by-step. It just sounded like so much fun. I am also one of those people that hate organization. I almost always have to be organized or it just doesn’t fly. My dad thinks I would be good at it too. Then I got to thinking. I thought because I would be a new person it would be a lot harder to get a job or start my own business. if I worked for a big company it probably still wouldn’t bring in that good of pay. I guessing it is commission based. With me being the new girl I probably wouldn’t get sent out as much as the more experienced people. I don’t want to be the person living off of Ramen Noodles.

The job that I am gnawing on now is being a teacher. I know all the teachers say, “Don’t do it, you’ll be poor!!” but I don’t care. I think that you should follow your dreams no matter what others say. If you want to be a lawyer but you were the kid who dropped out, just get your head out of your but! Everyone is so amazed how I can keep straight A’s but it’s simple. JUST TURN YOUR WORK IN!!! I also try to do things in advance. If you have something due on Thursday and it’s Tuesday, atleast start it. If you start it it is less work for you to do the next day!! It is simple logic!!!

In The Cybersphere

imagesBy: Tori Mitrick

Cyber bullying is probably the top way that people bully. Anyone can get cyber bullied, even if you’re tall, short, thin, big, athletic, nonathletic. On all websites on the internet, people can get bullied, For example, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Instagram.

I went around Liberty Point International School and asked students if they have gotten cyber bullied, and if so, I asked then how they felt about it.

One unknown source told me, “I got cyber bullied on Facebook. This person was calling me mean names. It made me feel horrible about myself.”

“I got bullied on Instagram. There was this person that wouldn’t stop leaving rude comments on my pictures. I felt like I was a bad person and that everyone was against me,” another unknown source explained to me.

About 4,400 teens die per year due to suicide because of cyber bullying. To see more facts about cyber bullying go to: .



By Perla Trevizo

Have you ever wonder what is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is where teens are bullied by other people through their emails, text messages, and other ways.  Many students in Liberty Point International School suffered from cyber-bullying.

Gabriella Pereal, a.k.a Gummy Bear, is a 6th grader who has not suffered from cyber bullying, yet she had seen it happen.

“I think we should have a club or something that prevents students cyber-bullying other students and making them feel scared, sad, depressed, angry, or even that cause themselves to create accidents to themselves,” says Gabriella.

“I also think students shouldn’t hack in the school’s internet network to be on Facebook. Seriously, Facebook is almost where the whole bullying starts,” she said.

Taylor Bruner, an 8th grader and was one of the victims in cyber-bullying. Three years ago, she was cyber-bullied by her enemy. Her enemy threatened Talyor in her email and text message.

“When I got the text message and email, I felt scared because my enemy said she was going to break apart my best friend and I in harmful ways,” said Taylor.

But in this case, Talyor did the corrrct thing; she did what most students should do.

“I told her either to knock it off or I was going to tell Mr. Dilka and Mrs. P,” Taylor said.

” I felt good after I told her that. Ever since then, I haven’t gotten bullied, but I help my friends in what they can do,” says Taylor.

For this situtation, I’ve researched info and in this website are the information I found that are important to know:

1. Many cyber bullies think that bullying others online is funny.

2. Teens may think that if they use a fake name they won’t get caught, but there are many ways to track some one who is cyber bullying.

3. Over 25% of teens have been bullied repeatly through their cell phones and their emails.

4. Over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.

Here are some things you should do if you’re the victim of being cyber-bullying or a friend of yours is:

This image is the key to your life if you or your friend are the victims of being bullied online.
This image is the key to your life if you or your friend are the victims of being bullied online.

1. NEVER EVER EVER, post personally info anywhere like on Facebook, emailing, or texting.

2. DON’T respond the messenger with an angry post. In other words don’t sent a post with anger.

3. NEVER open posts to strangers. IT’S WRONG!!!!!

4. DON’T post anything on public. Make sure its on private.

5. ALWAYS proofread your posts…….. on second thought ALWAYS think before you post.

These are helpful tips that you should read,and understand what you should do before anything happens.


When You Fall, You Get Up Stronger

By: Haven Blaize Snyder

When I played Pleasant View in my basketball game, I ripped three muscles in my shoulder . I was then not able to play in the most important game of the season (to myself anyway), the Sky-view game. My doctor said that, in my current condition, I couldn’t play.

So, after facing the fact and watching the game fly by like it was nothing, I trained. I used ice, ice-packs, certain exercises, and any other type of home remedy that I could think of to fix my shoulder before the following Tuesday. And then, the moment of truth.

When I went to the chiropractor and the doctor to get my shoulder cleared on Monday, they cleared it. I was extremely, to the greatest extent, ecstatically happy that I was all good to play. So now I am going on to play Swallows in my next game, and they better watch out because I’m coming back better and stronger than ever!

What Have We Come To…………..

By: Victoria Luke


Facebook .Twitter. Snapchat. Instagram. Sure, sometimes these sites can be fun, but at what cost?  People say, “Don’t say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t say in person.”  But what if you would say it in person? Cyber bulling is an epidemic that will spread fast and will never end. And it could be over with one simple thing. Its called a  filter.  In America we have freedom of speech and freedom of press. And believe me, we enjoy our liberties. And no one can change that. But would be so wrong to filter bad things. I know  some adults and even some  teenagers they disgaurd it. But what happens to you in high school and middle school those bad thibngs pile up and thats why   we have suicde. In my area a girl in high school killed herself because of how much she was bullied. LPI dean said

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, but it is also the site with the most cyber bullying.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, but it is also the site with the most cyber bullying.

” All social media should be shut down. Cowards use it so they don’t have to confront people,” a random seventh grader said. “I hate it, it’s stupid, and it sucks.”

Two weeks ago I interviewed a girl who I know for a fact cyber bullies, and I could prove it by printing out the things she said on her Facebook account. When I confronted her, she lied about cyber bullying. All I can say is that you can’t fix something if it doesn’t want to be fixed. Cyber bullying is a two way street: the bullies need to back down and the victims need to stand up.


Don’t Fall For Their Tricks

yearbookBy: Amanda Craig

Bullies. The people I hate the most. Cyber bullies, the bullies that are afraid to go upto your face and lie about how ugly or stupid you are. Guess what! You’re not! Don’t believe what they say and don’t don’t go down to their level. That’s what I tell myself when I’m bullied.

Did you know that bulling is the highest reason of why people do suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of youth death. About 4,400 people a year kill themselves. Bully victims are 2/9 times more likely to commit suicide then non-bully victims.

“I can understand why people have commited suicide. I have even thought about. I think about it a lot to be honest. I never tried and I never think I will until the people that keep me are gone, but it always is in the back of my mind. An escape from embarrassment.”

Why, why do people do this? I think they are jealous or grew up in bad part. Some I don’t think know what they are doing, but that’s only a few. Most are aware they do it and get pleasure from it.

“It’s sad excuse to make one person  feel better about themselves,” Mariah Kenner said.

“It’s just because they have issues. They’re jealous or just plain stupid.”

The last think you need to do is go to a website and find a cyber-bullied. There are many websites that have cyber-billies, but there are websites that have way to many cyber-bullies waiting to bully someone. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Roblox, and YouTube.

“I’ve been cyber-bullied on Roblox before. At first it was really annoying, but then I started to get really angry. I got so angry that I had to stop playing,” Jenna Craig said.

“I think to make cyber-bulling stop we need to punish them harsher. It might scare them away,” Darby Hodge said.

If you have been cyber-bullied now is your chance to stand up and let them know that we are not their victims. Stop cyber-bulling! What will you do to make it happen?

Victoria Ballou…Ready for the Take Down

By: Darby Hodge

Victoria Ballou is a member of the LPIS wrestling team.

Victoria Ballou is a member of the LPI wrestling team.


By: Darby Hodge

How many girls do you know who wrestle against boys?! Victoria Ballou, a 7th grader,  is one of the few!! Now, you must wonder what was her incentive is to join the LPI wrestling team…

“There was a girl in the U.S. National Championship, she was like my idol. I wanted to be her,” Victoria stated.

In the 3rd grade, while watching her brother’s wrestling practice, she was bored out of her mind. She decided to take a wing at it, and in 3rd through 5th grade, Victoria was on the Future Cyclones wrestling team.

Even her childhood helped with her get into wrestling.

“My brothers and I weren’t really taught the difference between girl and boy activities. We would paint our nails together and then go play football. So, we always did things together,” Victoria explained.

Victoria’s excitement for the season to start tops the charts even though she is slightly hesitant to wrestle the boys she doesn’t know.

“It is weird because I don’t know have of them,” Victoria said.

Victoria is one of the toughest girls; she wrestles people from 90-115 pounds.

All Time Great Quarterback!

A quote by Peyton.
             A quote by Peyton.

By: Evan Hart

Do you like the Denver  Broncos?  Well there has been a lot of controversy  going around that Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks who ever lived.  He was born on March 24, 1976, in New Orleans, LA.  In college he attended Tennessee.  With the Broncos, he has a grand total of 5,447 yards and 55 touchdowns, which means he is definitely a athlete to talk about.

In my opinion Peyton has brought a ton of talent and enthusiasm to the Broncos.

“He is a very good player,”  Greg Bennett, LPI 7th grader, commented.

“One word, awesome!” Iya Maes, LPI 7th grader, exclaimed.

Last Sunday, Manning and the Broncos defeated Brady and the Patriots to seal their spot in the 2014 Super Bowl.  Even though this 16th season could be his last, Peyton may ride off into the sunset with yet another Super Bowl ring.

Bigfoot…The Mysterious Friendly Monster, DEAD or ALIVE?

By: Perla Trevizo

Here is a FRIENDLY Bigfoot holding a sign.

Here is a FRIENDLY Bigfoot holding a sign.

Have you heard the news lately? Well, I have. According to , about a week ago, a man surprisingly has evidence that he killed Bigfoot. Scientists say it doesn’t count because Bigfoot needs to be alive and not dead. So now I’m kind of curious whether Bigfoot is real or not. Many students at Liberty Point International have heard about Bigfoot .  In fact,most of them believe that he didn’t exist, but others were confused and didn’t know whether he was real or not.  The categories  (listed below) are the reasons they think Bigfoot is a real animal or not:

The “No” People:

This 6th grader named, Nathan, said, “I do not believe in Bigfoot, because all the show, programs the TV shows only makes the actual sound of Bigfoot’s scream, but it still shows no evidence of Bigfoot being alive and not a phony.”

These two 7th graders, Gavin and Archer, said, “We don’t believe in Bigfoot because its just a made-up story, a myth, a legend that is used to scare little kids when they’re camping.”

“Plus I think its just a random dude who dressed up as Bigfoot to make people to think he is real,” added Archer.

The last non-believer was an 8th grader named, Jake. He stated, ” I don’t think Bigfoot is real because its just a myth that is hard to believe that it ever existed.”

The “Depends or I Don’t Know” People:

This confused 6th grader, Katelynn Henney, said, “I don’t know whether Bigfoot is real or not. There are many shows about it and a bunch of people state that he is real. Honestly I think it just depends whether they think he’s real or not.”

The last somewhat, maybe  believer is an 8th grader, Destiny T. She says, “It depends to see if Bigfoot is real because on what you imagine it looks and how its like, people see it differently and think about him differently.”


The “Yes” Person:

This awesome, trying to believe person is obviously me! I think he exists because whether Bigfoot hunters haven’t found evidence yet; maybe by possibility Bigfoot might as well be hiding so they don’t find him or the species. Just think about it , he could be doing the world a huge favor by not endangering his species/kind. It’s like the sea monster up in Scotland, it could be hiding so it doesn’t get his companions at risk of becoming extinct. Who knows what they hiding?

Here some interesting facts I found according to

Fact #1: Physical Features-

Height: 6 ft 6 in – 10 ft. tall (2 – 3 m)

Weight: 400 – 1000 lbs (180-450 kgs)

Footprint: 12-22 in (30-56 cm) length, 5 – 11 inches (12 – 28 cm) width at ball, 2 – 8 inches (5 – 20 cm) heel width

Hands: 6 – 8.5 inch (15-22 cm) palm width. Stubby fingers.

Hair: Dark Brown/Reddish. Unkept,matted.

Skin: Black, Brown, Tan

Head: Sagittal Crest

Facial features: Large brow ridge. Flat, black nose. Thin human-like lips.

Eyes: Brown/Red

Odor: Foul-smelling

Fact #2: In June, 2000: Human Bones were found in Klamath, OR. Apparently Bigfoot is a big eater.

Fact #3: Some people who have “seen” Bigfoot describe him as an “ape-like face and body”.

Fact #4: Did you know that Bigfoots are immune to pepper spray? (In this website, it clearly said it was true, so maybe that’s why they were known for sneezing a lot.)

This is the end of the longest essay I have ever written about Bigfoot (even though I have never written one about him). Decide now whether he’s real or not!



Atomic Wedgie

By Savannah Wilson

We’ve all witnessed someone giving or receiving a wedgie, but have you ever heard of ‘death by wedgie’?

Well, a fight between a former Marine and his stepfather ended in the stepfather’s death by what is called the “atomic wedgie”. The stepdad, Denver St. Clair, and his stepson, Brad Davis, 33, had been arguing last month when the both of them began to fight. Davis said that St. Clair was speaking “ill of his mother” and then threw the first punch. The two men had been drinking at the time.

Davis reported that he fought back and gave his step dad an “atomic wedgie’ where the elastic waistband of St. Clair’s underwear was pulled over his head. (Wedgies are often used as a prank among young children and adolescents.)

The waistband of St. Clair’s underwear strangled him, resulting in his struggle to breathe. Davis called 911, but by the time the police got there, St. Clair stopped breathing and died.

Police said that there was a bond mark around St. Clair’s neck and noted that blood stains were left around the living room and kitchen.

“We continued our investigation and uncovered evidence that led us to believe that this was more than just a fight,” Sheriff Mike Booth told KNXV.

Brad Davis is sent to prison for murder of Denver St. Clair.

Brad Davis is sent to prison for murder of Denver St. Clair.


A Guide To Making Me Crazy

By: Mikaylin Hackley

I have so many pet peeves I figured I could devote an entire blog to them. So I guess here we go.

  • Waking up at 5
  • Hating everything we have for breakfast
  • Being hungry ALL THE TIME
  • Riding the bus with people who smell
  • People who get emotional when you kindly inform them they smell
  • People who are overly emotional
  • People who don’t realize they’re too emotional
  • Calling me the wrong name
  • Forgeting my name
  • Ignoring me when I tell you you said the wrong name
  • Ignoring me
  • Pretending that you’re not ignoring me
  • People who text in movies
  • People who can’t stop texting
  • People who don’t realize that the world exsists outside their phones
  • People who laugh at their own jokes
  • People who clap for themselves
  • How messy chalk is
  • The sound of forks on glass plates
  • The sound of a nail file
  • The sound of a hairdryer
  • Noise
  • White boards that don’t stay white
  • Never drawing straight lines
  • Gossip
  • Gossip  about me
  • Gossip no one cares about
  • People leaving me out of gossip
  • The color periwinkle
  • People who talk slow
  • People who talk fast
  • Static cling
  • Hating my outfit halfway through the day
  • Not being flexible
  • People who are very flexible
  • People who complain
  • People that complain that I complain to much
  • Group projects
  • People who don’t listen
  • Red eye in pictures
  • Technology
  • Automatic computer updates
  • Tofu
  • The word sniff
  • Big dogs
  • Headaches
  • Tripping over my stuff
  • The smell of coffee
  • Smudging ink
  • Feeling too short
  • Feeling too tall
  • Feeling too dressy
  • Pizza with anchovies
  • Video games
  • Video games that don’t teach you anything
  • People who don’t understand what I mean
  • Decisions
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • No one liking my Facebook status
  • Hair getting stuck in the brush
  • My teeth feeling dirty
  • Action movies
  • People who don’t read
  • Stupid people
  • Really stupid people
  • Smart people
  • People who think they’re smarter than me
  • People who are smarter me
  • Twizlers
  • Fire alarms
  • The sound styrofoam makes when you rub it
  • Slippers
  • Teachers who don’t like me
  • Teachers that dress weird
  • Mean teachers
  • Nice people
  • Really nice people
  • The word liberty
  • Clingy people
  • People who can’t take a hint
  • Asking me questions you don’t care about the answer to

Ok this is way too long, even though I’ve barely gotten started.

Life Full of Hard Work

Dan preparing for a flight!
Dan preparing for a flight!

By: Darby Hodge

Dan Hodge is a hard working man. He is also the best dad ever!!!!!! In January of 2014 he will in the military for a total of 21 YEARS!!!! Those past 20 years have been fun for him. He has made some really good friends along the way.

Everyone has to start somewhere. After being in the military for a couple years than going to flight for the first time, he had some experience.

“The first machine I flew was a Th 67, nickname creak (Bell 2 06) more of a civil helicopter not necessarily a military helicopter,” Dan told to me.

“It was a little hard being the new guy. But, for me it was different I was about 30 not a 18 year old kid, when going through flight school for the first time. I was new but it wasn’t that hard because I already knew the ropes.” Dan explained.

Through the 20 years Dan has been in the military, he has flown a little over 1,300 hours. Once you fly so many hours or be in the military for so many years you get awards as you go along. The highest award Dan has received are the Senior Wings. He got the award for being in the military for 7 years and reaching 1,000 hours of flight time.

When people deploy they go to a different country by military orders. Dan has deployed a total of 3 times. He ended up in Iraq for all 3. The first time was a year. The second go around was 16 months. The third time was also a year.

Military orders also affect where military personnel live too. Dan has moved 5 different times because of orders.

“I have been back and forth to Fort Rucker (in Alabama) 3 times for training because of military orders,” Dan commented.

After 20 years of being in the military you are eligible to retire. this is Dan’s plan for that arena:

” I finally made it to Fort Carson and if they tell me to move again I’ll just retire. Or I will retire when I stop having FUN!!,”